What is your lipstick made of?

Our Lipstick is made of a unique blend of natural ingredients and then loaded with pigment to give you kick-ass colors. Each lipstick is enriched with shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and vitamin E for maximum moisture.

I got my order and I’m not happy with it? What next?

Please send an email to customerservice@thelipbar.com with your order number and the items you are not satisfied with and we will do our best to right our wrongs by offering an exchange for a more suitable shade. However, we recommend that you plrease review our return policy for specifics as we do not offer refunds and you must notify us within 5 days.

Where is your store located? I’d like to try the colors on first.

As of now, thelipbar.com is the only medium in which you can make purchases from The Lip Bar. We will be having cocktail parties and lifestyle events in all major cities throughout the U.S. – Please be certain to connect with us via Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook for the latest events and specials here at The Lip Bar. If you need help deciding on the perfect cocktail, Lip Shots can be used as a guide to find the shade for your complexion.

Do you offer free samples?

Regrettably, at this time we do not offer samples.  However, if you need help with your selection, Lip Shots  can be used as a guide to find the shade for you. If this doesn’t help, send any inquiries to customerservice@thelipbar.com and we’ll be able to provide a little more color on the situation.

When will I receive my order?

Orders are normally processed within 1-2 business days of receipt. They will arrive to you within 5-7 days of order processing. To track your order, Please login in to your account here. For more detail on our shipping practices, please view our shipping policy here.

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship internationally for a flat rate of  $15.00. Simply make this selection at checkout. For orders over $85, we provide free shipping so have a few cocktails, why don’t you?

One of my favorite colors is not available anymore for it was in a seasonal collection. Is there any way to repurchase the lipstick?

The Lip Bar’s handcrafted lipsticks are seasonal based on the latest fashion trends. Twice a year we will release a new collection that will be inspired by the current climate of fashion. At the end of each season we will have a “Last Call” and once these products are sold out, we will not offer them anymore. If the demand is high for a certain hue, we may consider bringing it back in a future collection. So don’t be afraid to tell us what you love.

I placed an order and now the product is on sale. Can I get a refund for the difference?

 Because our prices are so affordably priced, we do not do sales that often and they are always a for a very limited time and only for that time.  WE DO NOT OFFER PRICE ADJUSTMENTS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  To help you determine how to take advantage of sales, please follow our social media channels for updates and keep in mind that we generally have a sale for  Christmas,  Black Friday and our company Anniversary.