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Hacks To Keep Your Lip Gloss Shining All Day!!

Hey babes! Have you ever been frustrated with your gloss wear time? Or even found yourself constantly reapplying it while out with your girlfriends? We’ve been there and trust, just like you have had our moments. Because of this, we decided to create a list of lip gloss hacks that will keep you Lip gloss wear lasting long for the nights you just want to kick back with your besties. 

 #1. Liner 



By filling your base with liner you’re preventing the lipgloss from feathering. Make sure that you’ve already properly lined the outskirts of your lip before the actual base. 



Concealer sort of gives the gloss something to hold onto. Unsurprisingly, both foundation and concealer work as an excellent base for creating a subtle lip gloss look.



#3. Hydrate 




With Hydrating, based on a few words from our good friend Mally Rancal, more is more. Never worry about whether you’re using too much lip balm for your lip look. However it’s important to leave it on until it’s dry enough to apply your gloss. (We recommend simply applying balm every night for optimal services) On another note, drink water faithfully as your lips won't chap as easily as long as you are hydrated. So drink up, babe. 


#4. Dot it 

Last but certainly not least, Pati Dubroff suggests by applying  gloss (minimal) to the center of upper and bottom lips, in order to prevent the glop that tends to sit around in between the creases of your mouth.

 Thanks babes for checking out our blog! We are totally stoked about what’s to come in the future and hope you’ve learned the tips you’ll need to make sure you’re lipgloss stays poppin. 






The Lip Bar Team. 

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