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Clearly, Insecure Should Be Called Irresponsible......

We're totally living for Insecure Season Three. It's hilarious, introspective at times (Word to Molly's Therapist) and so so real. Last season, it seemed as though each character had left off on a bad note and this season situations are still.....trash. Out of all of the tweets we saw during the infamous #InsecureHBO, the one we most identify with is.....



 Here's A Quick Recap Of What's Happening....




So far, Issa's gone from living rent free with Daniel to working part time as an apartment manager and quitting We Got Ya'll. Sounds productive-ish (I mean, she had a place to stay?)...right?! But man, those in betweens..... 


1. Issa was sleeping on Daniel's couch while he was just having casual sex in his room. Mind you sis heard all the moans and groans. (Eww) 

2. After Issa and Daniel's situation becomes even more confusing,Issa starts sleeping (and eating) in his bed leaving hot cheetos under the pillow. 

3. Issa calls in sick at We Got Ya'll trespasses and goes skinny dipping in a backyard pool with a former passenger via her lyft hustle. 






Molly is pretty much a lot of folk's career goals. Like she out here living her best life... "allegedly". We respect that the moment she knew about a salary gap between her and her coworkers, she made changes. So because of said changes we're seeing Molly in a new space, and a black one at that. So shouts out to Molly for showing what we call "growth" ..... 




Molly's having problems at her new firm, because Molly's comparing it to her last firm. Ya know, the one that basically perpetuated the race -gender wage gap? In addition to all of this, she's been going to a therapist, which we were happy to see until we realized that after a few visits her therapist still don't know who the hell Dro is. 







Daniel appears to be the only one who is sane and the least annoying. He's just doing artsy shit and hoping it will all pay off while Issa crashes at his place. I mean, he seems like a good guy. Until his toxic masculinity starts showing. The problems star when Issa encourages him to put his pride aside and ask an old friend for help in the music business. Of course Daniel sabotages himself, because said "ego" and then talks down to Issa because of said (ego). And in the end he ends up communicating via terrible sex, with Issa pulling farther away. 


We're definitely looking forward to Sunday to see what's happening and whether or not our focus characters will finally stop dropping the ball and become less intolerable. 

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