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What To Do: The next time your fav lip product is "out of stock"


      I've been there, trust me that moment when I finally felt confident enough to splurge on my fav lip products only to find they were out of stock. We all at one point or another go through this struggle. We grieve for a second, and search engine the name of this beauty product only to find it's sold out everywhere. Fortunately, this is not the case for you #LipBarBabes as you've had a HUGE restock today. In the meantime, we came out with this neat idea to provide Lip Tips that will help you re-evaluate your lip life the next time you have the out of stock blues.



Have you been taking the necessary steps to have healthy lips? Hot lips are healthy. As cliche as it may seem remaining hydrated is a HUGE key to keeping your lips kissable and free from the crisis of having super chapped lips. In fact, the little amount of water left on your lips after taking a sip can increase fluid balance. Try to drink a gallon a day and you will see results. Adding a squeeze of lemon will help as lemon is also a natural detox and will help our PH level remained balanced (7+). With February just around the corner we want to add a boost to our lip life to get our lips smooth and Valentine's day ready! 



 I can be counterproductive. As soon as I grab a couple of 2 L Essentia Water bottles from Whole Foods I am making my way over to the nearest gas station to buy Hot Cheetos and Better made spicy barbecue chips. #DontBeMe Instead, cut down on junk food supplementing it with fruits and veggies. When you aren't getting enough nutrients, you may not just get chapped lips, but lips that bleed too. #HotlipsAreHealthy. I'm reevaluating along with you babe... If you're not super into fruits and veggies there are cool hacks to make clean eating clean enjoyable... 

 And just like that, your smoothie became a work of art . . . https://t.co/gvTLhddGrb

#3. EXFOLIATE:  Get you a good lip scrub boo! Exfoliating is a MAJOR KEY to keeping your lip life on par. 

Exfoliate at least once or twice a week!  Try natural, cruelty free products! #TreatYoSelf Here are a few:

Fresh Sugar Lip Exfoliant $24

Lush's The Kiss Lip Scrub $9.95

DIY Lip Scrub with a toothbrush, brown sugar and coconut oil. (Priceless, well not really lol) 


You don't want ashy lips just like you don't want ashy knees. Using lip balm to keep your lips moisturized is so CRUCIAL to boosting your lip life. When the weather flakes on you make sure your lip balm won't! Check the products for nourishing oils that protect you against the sun. SMH. It Be Ya Own Lip balm. We actually have a few amazing products at TLB that act as both lip glosses AND Lip Balms. (Basic Bish, Goddess, and Party Girl just to name a few) 



#5. Increase Your Palette

Here at The Lip Bar there are so many options to choose from! Don't limit yourself to one color/product--You are so much more than that! You only like lipstick? It's cool BUT there are some great liquid mattes out there! You only rock Bawse Lady? Understandable but Prima Donna will also have you out here looking #BaeAF. As your millennial friend, I advise you to have ATLEAST four favorite colors/products to choose from! My personal favorites are As If #CherTaughtMe, Trophy Wife, Purple Rain and MILF. What are yours?







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