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Talking All Things Bodi- Posi With Our Creative Director, Rosco Spears!

With the launch of Every Body Beautiful, we hope that our constant reminders of inspiring you babes that " You are enough" sticks. In a world, so heavily manufactured, always and forever concerned about branding and whether or not you've got enough followers on social media, we want to keep communicating this. The perfect face is your face, the perfect body is your own, and so is perfect hair. We've interviewed Creative Director Rosco Spears to find out the scoop on body positivity and her reasoning behind directing and cultivating the stories of the beautiful women in our shoot. 


Courtesy of Rosco Spears 


TLB: What was your inspiration behind creating the Every Body Beautiful Campaign?

RS: When we were thinking of campaigns for our new summer collection, we knew that we had to include a pool party, obviously. one of the things that were extremely important to me in shooting a pool scene was to have a legitimate representation of different body types, not just your typical runway model. I believe in real people, real bodies, and natural beauty so I was stoked to put this video together with the amazing ladies that allowed me to have them as my muse.


How did you go about selecting models for this particular shoot?

RS: When selecting models, I wanted to make sure that people felt included. honestly, I know the majority of the women who are featured in this shoot personally and I also got the chance to meet one of our lip bar babes for the first time which was awesome. I thought of women that I admired, who were unique, I thought of women who had stories to tell, some who are going through body transformations and some who have changed physically over the years. it wasn’t a difficult task to pull this group of amazing women together.


TLB: How does this campaign resonate with you personally?

RS: When were you aware of yourself physically? this campaign resonates with me because I am a person that seeks beauty in everything and everybody. In today’s world, it’s easy to not feel beautiful. it’s easy to compare and contrast yourself to the traditional standard of beauty, which is obnoxious. I’m still working on loving all of my flaws. I was aware of myself early on. I felt awkward and ugly when I began wearing glasses at the age of 8. When I was in high school, I was on the majorette team and I was a D cup, making me extremely uncomfortable in my leotard uniform—big boobs are only cool later on in life, haha. as a woman, I’m learning to embrace everything. My acne prone face, my lovely cellulite heavy legs, fibroid pouch and all.


TLB: What message do you hope to be communicated through this campaign?

RS: I hope that people of all different shapes and shades can look at this video and feel the love and power in themselves. I want for people to celebrate one another. I hope that people can stop judging themselves and others based off of ridiculous standards and begin to accept what true beauty is. I want for people to stop body shaming one another. most importantly, I want for everyone to stop body shaming themselves. I want for people to understand that true beauty lies within and that we are all beautiful and perfect in our own way. What narratives do you hope to push in the future? I hope to push more narratives of inclusiveness, women empowerment, body positivity, diversity, and self-love.

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