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Part Two: Juicy Lipstick Secrets From Celeb MUA Sade Hazard!!!!


Hey ya'll, part two of Juicy Lipstick secrets from Sade Hazard is finally here! 



 This interview was conducted by Nia Shumake


What lip colors and styles are celebs and influencers absolutely obsessed with right now? 

Sade: Everyone wants blue-reds right now with this sort of hot fiery look, it's a combination of blue with this amplified coolness. Which is why I think it works on so many different complexions. They look fantastic on us (black women)!I'm also seeing alot of purple, purple gloss, purple lipsticks, creamy purples/lilac nude colors. 


When it comes to makeup for the lips, what lip look are you most proud of?

Sade:  I was an artist for NARS and I did some of their digital work for their instagram. Some of the looks have really nothing on the lips but you have to prep the lips so well that when you photograph them they look like the most amazing lips you've ever seen.Some of my favorite makeup that I've ever done is no makeup-makeup, toner on the lips, exfoliating the lips, and putting eye cream on the lips instead of lip balm. 



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 You executed makeup for fine jewelry brand Mateo New York during NYFW, How did you create the lip look for the presentation?

 Sade: I used a gloss for the face. I thought about each girl's complexion and chose the proper nude for each tone. I didn't use a brush at all, I stippled their lips with my ring finger and pressed it to make it look like just kissed with color they were kissing someone and their lips were a little flushed. Mateo said told me he wanted them to look like they just had sex. So in my mind, I'm like ok when you kiss someone blood rushes to their lips. So that's how I came up with that. 



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Sade's Lipstick Hacks:

#1. Skincare is so important to me as an artist, you never know what someone's skin is like. Exfoliate your lips. Use a lil bit of honey and sugar and take a q-tip and scrub your lips in circles to remove the layers of dead skin. You're doing bold lips you want it [color] to sit up on a clean lip. 


#2. Stop telling yourself that you can't wear something! That’s a psychological hack!  



 This interview has been condensed and edited.

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