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Bee Walker On Breaking The Status Quo! PLUS Lippies For The Rule Breaker In YOU!


Hey babes! Here's part two of the photography magic that is Bee Walker! Here she talks with us on breaking rules, taking risks and making smart decisions when committing to your dreams. Plus, TLB gives you lippies to bring out your inner power player, rule breaker + risk taker below!


   Photo taken by Rog Walker for Rogwalker.com 


 Interview conducted by Nia Shumake 


What does it mean to innovate in your field?

I wouldn’t say that I belong to a specific field. Maybe it’s just the overall creative culture in New York that’s always innovating. I've met really inspiring people who refuse to accept that the status quo is written in stone. That type of thinking leads to super innovative practices and surprising choices.


You turned down a Ph.D program (which one) to pursue your dream of working as a photographer in NYC. What was the greatest part of that decision and the toughest for you?

It was a PhD program in Higher Education at the University of Michigan. I told them that I had a promising creative opportunity in NYC, when in reality I was beginning to explore the creative side of me in very simple and curious ways. The fact that it actually became a promising creative career in NYC is the greatest part of that story. The toughest part was just dealing with my internal thoughts and judgements. For instance, I would worry like, “Oh my gosh, I told people I would do this, people wrote recommendation letters, my parents and I visited Michigan, what are people going to think?” That was the toughest part.


Any advice for women looking to make a huge career change and chase after their dreams?

Well I honestly wouldn’t recommend chasing after a dream because the word chasing just seems really dramatic. If you really want to grow and change, see if there’s a way you can do the thing you love in baby steps. I didn’t exactly know I’d become a photographer when I started. I just knew I felt peace, joy, excitement and momentum when I was taking pictures and talking to my friends about pictures. When I thought about school at that time, it didn’t feel alive to me, and it felt empty. I would just listen to your deep desires. See how you can start doing what you love in any way, even if it’s small, and just go in the direction of what feels good.


 This interview has been edited & condensed.


Thanks for reading babes, we hope this interview was as inspirational as it was for us to you! To keep up with Bee's Journey follow Paper Monday on IG! Here are our lippies to give you that push to break the status quo: 


For our Rule Breakers: Rebel 

For our Risk takers: Savage

For our Power Players: Control Freak 




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