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Kill Your Lip Gloss Look!

 Babes love to wear lip gloss, because let’s face it. It’s quick and easy. But it’s super annoying and though gloss seems wet it can also be drying. Here are some quick tips to make sure you nail the sparkly glossy look to make you glisten. 


Courtesy of IG


#1. Prep Lips

Lip Gloss doesn’t protect your lips or hydrate them! It isn’t lip balm so of course you prep as you should with any other colored lip product. Exfoliate with a DIY Lip Scrub ( Honey and Sugar) and hydrate the lips with lip balm. Always remember, gloss and lip gloss ARE NOT one in the same. 


#2. Prime & Base 

Pat off the excess lip balm and apply your foundation as good lip primer. Opting for a less wet foundation won’t have you out her looking greasy. Instead, you’ll be making the right strides to having a gorg glossy look. 



               (Achieve this gorg lipgloss look without coloring outside the lines) 

                      Courtesy of IG                       


#3. Outline

We know it’s sounds crazy and excessive BUT lining your lips are a great way to really bring out the shape of your lips. It also prevents your gloss from going to places it shouldn’t be. 



#4. Apply

It’s time to make the magic!! Add gloss boo! Blot with paper towel, throw on your second coat and glimmer like the goddess you are! 


Just like that you're a glistening goddess. 





The Lip Bar 









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