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Make My Lippie: Matte Without Matte Cream!!



Everyone's obsessed with mattes, and it's totally understandable. They're pigmented, smooth as butter to put on and not too messy! They're perfect and we'll never get enough of them. But what happens when you find a bomb pigmented lippie that's not matte and need something fire that won't get messy at a fancy date or night on the town with your girlfriends? WE GOT YOU Babe! 



Here's how to make your fav lippie matte without the hassle of buying Matte Cream.


#1. Lip prep.

   When's the last time you've exfoliated? Using a q tip, honey and sugar will do you so good babe. Secondly, are your lips hydrated? Having dry or cracked lips are super obvious when wearing a Matte! Lip balm is crucial so go ahead and try our  Club Soda! Just a swatch of the Shea Butter + Vitamin E  tube will change your life! Keeping your lips hydrated goes a long way, and the Internet agrees. 


 #2. Matching Lip liner 

As our MUA Crush, Michela Warie Bi says, the lipliner is the KEY. So find the right lipliner and level up!


#3.  Apply Lipstick

Apply your lipstick! If it's too generous blot! I recommend playing around with lipstick colors Purple Rain and Cosmo. They're both poppin!




#4. Powder Up! 

Take translucent powder and slightly apply it to your lip with your finger. If you are looking for amazing cruelty free, vegan powders we recommend: 

Origins Sheer Finishing Powder - $28 

DIY w/ Organic NON-GMO cornstarch

DIY w/ Organic Baby Powder



Voila! You can now wear your favorite The Lip Bar product as a matte without buying matte cream! What are some lippies you are looking to make matte? Comment below and post your pics on IG using the hashtag #LipBarbabe! 


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