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Make My Lipstick: Useful


Hey #LipBarbabes! Ever wondered what to do with that lipstick color you bought months ago and haven't yet found the perfect lewk for? Is your tube broken or is your fav color almost run out? Your millennial friend from The Lip Bar is here to help! 


 Here's How You can Use Leftover Lipstick: 


#1. Blush 



     Mix your leftover lipstick with just a drop of Argan oil to get a creamy blush. Now, I wouldn't recommend using a really dark color like Night Owl as a blush, but lipsticks like Cafe Au Lait & Baby Bellini would be gorg! You'll need a stipple brush to mix the lipstick and argan oil tho! ( Elf has them for like $4) 


#2. Tinted Lip Balm

Do you have any lip balm at your place? If you have atleast a quarter of your tube left, mix that with half of your lip balm and Wallah! You've got tinted lip balm. 


#3. Lip Gloss

Many beauty sites will tell you to mix your bad/old lipstick with Vaseline, As If!!! Do NOT use vaseline on your lips!  At The Lip Bar, we recommend mixing your lipstick leftovers with petroleum alternatives like Vegaline (unrefined coconut oil, rice bran wax ) #Vegan #CrueltyFree You can mix it on the back of your hand or in a compact with a lipbrush. Then like magic, you've got poppin' lip gloss. 




 #4. Lipliner 

Use a lip brush and line your lips with your lipstick leftovers! I promise you, using a lipbrush will guarantee that your lip color won't bleed out your natural lip shape. 


 So tell us babes, What do you do with your leftover lipstick? Comment Below! 

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