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Make My Lipstick: Darker


  Ever bought a lipstick or gloss and felt like it was missing a special something? Or maybe you’re looking for a poppin color with deeper undertones. Here we’ll tell you how to use your lip liner or black lipstick to get a darker lipstick hue!

What you’ll need: lipstick, cream lip liner/black lipstick, your hand, and lip brush. 

Step #1: Swatch your lipstick on the back of your hand. PSA: MAKE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE CLEAN AND LIPS PREPPED. Applying sugar to your lips is a great way to exfoliating + prep the lips. Just ask Chrissy.  


Step #2: Take cream liner or in our case use Night Owl our black lipstick and swatch it below your first lipstick color.

Step #3: Mix your colors with your fingers. Still not pleased with the warmth of your lippie? Add a bit more of Night Owl, or liner to your back hand until you finally like the lewk.


Step #4: Use a lip brush and apply the color to your PREPPED lips. You're fleeky. 



P.S: At TLB we have a color for every type of woman and we know that no tone is created equal. This is why we have blue reds like Bawse Lady and Cosmo, burgundies like Rebel and deep wine reds like Merlot




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