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Love Vitamins For The Trophy WIFE, Baddie & Goddess BKA Confident Women



Ok let us forget about the commercialism and branding of Valentines Day, we can acknowledge that there is some substance behind millions of people celebrating love, connection and romance. I kinda think thats' dope whether you are single or married. So in honor of this “love holiday” I would like to share some love vitamins for your love journey.


VITAMIN 1: A LOVE LESSON | Many of us are winging love. Who were our love mentors? Who modeled love and taught us intentionally about love? I have learned in my journey and education that our early experiences shape our understanding and subconscious beliefs about life and love. In our upbringing we download interpretations and experiences of what love is...and we duplicate it based on that understanding. In order for us to hack the bull shit disempowering beliefs we have about love, connection and men we must update our mindsets about love. No matter how confident you are, how much Queening you're doing in business and in life it is nothing like updating your love life by exploring your blind spots, increasing your self awareness and being opened to learning more about Love.



VITAMIN 2: NUTRITION FOR YA LOVE LIFE | Whether you are married, single, a mom these nutritional resources will contribute to your understanding and enlightenment about love. Sometimes we don’t know that we didn’t know and sis, this is where we grow when we discover them damn blind spots and create new ways of being, doing and loving. So get your nutrition by watching this powerful Ted Talk The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown; Google anything about love with Lisa Nichols; The inquiry process by Byron Katie; The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary (such a great read whether you are a mom or not, trust me).




“I am a Trophy WIFE because I win in my growth and win my greatest me and I win at Love with flaws and wins!”




“I am a Baddie because I got that inner and outer style with a sexy empowering purpose with an effortless twerk on da side” #SexyPurpose




“I am a Goddess cosmic being manifesting all I desire, I beast through my weaknesses and insecurities and grace through perceived drama and I lean on Divinity to teach me womanhood” #UNIVERSEandMEbestfriends



 Make Love Life Glossy on Valentines Day and on your 2018!

Get your Trophy WIFE + Goddess + Baddie on! (Baddie drops in Target on the 18th) 


Be Well,

Toni Jones

Wellness Stylist | Self Care Enthusiast  


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