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     I remember not fitting in. Literally. I did not fit into  “normal” sized clothes and even theatre aisles when going to see a movie. In addition to that, I felt socially unaccepted and mocked for being overweight, it was something that happened throughout all of my schooling up until college. (At my heaviest, I was 230 lbs at 5’5, in the eleventh grade).

Me trying to fit in literally and figuratively: 


  Overcoming childhood obesity has been my life’s struggle. And it wasn’t until I got to college, not knowing what I wanted to major in, or what I was good at,  that I made the decision, to get to know myself and love myself more. It all lead me to taking ownership of my life and body. I wanted to be skinny, by any means necessary and most importantly, I wanted to be healed from all the trauma that came with childhood obesity. And when I say by ANY means, sometimes I went to extreme measures, including surviving off of water and vitamins for a day or two and overtraining, which led me to fainting from exhaustion.



     Today, I am much more knowledgeable and have progressed. However, because for the majority of my life up until now, I have been considered fat-- from time to time, I still feel fat, even though I’m not. Like right now I’m in a wedding and we are going to Vegas and my conscious is going, “Dang, I gotta buy a bathing suit” Even though I’m down by 80 pounds and now have a conventionally attractive pear-body shape. #NomorefamilyreunionTshirts (Ayeeeeeee, they were my cover ups in the water) With this being said, the conversations in our minds, are VITAL to our overall health.


   If I could give you guys a takeaway point, I’d say to you #LipBarbabes, celebrate your small wins. I could be upset 8 years later that I’m still not as toned as I want to be, BUT I’m proud of myself and the healthy habits that I’ve made thus far. To every #LipBarbabe that is on the same paige (pun-intended) as me (weight loss, working out), EVERY WIN COUNTS, whether it is Getting out of the bed after a bad yesterday. Drinking water or not letting that person get to us today. EVERYTHING! You are a survivor of all things you thought you would never get through. Know yourself, Know your worth! You’re amazing!

Here’s your charge:

  • Create a positive space that reminds you of how amazing you are
  • Keep an all-in-one journal for your thoughts and to-dos
  • Find a physical activity you can do for 20 minutes for 3-4 weekdays (if you are trying to maintain weight) 
  • Try to get into the gym at least 45min- 1 hr, 5-6 days out of the week mixing your use of cardio and weightlifting  (if you are actively trying to lose weight)
  • Eat breakfast this week, It's the most important meal of the day for a reason! (Without a healthy breakfast you're running on empty) 

Peace and Blessings, ✨✨

Paige Blessman//P. Rocka 

           Paige Blessman is a posi-tivi-tist and wellness whiz. For more of her journey follow her on social media.

IG: @p.rocka

Website: www.paigeblessman.com

Twitter: @xothepaige 

Keep Your Positive Vibes Close


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  • This was my favorite line: “With this being said, the conversations in our minds, are VITAL to our overall health.”

    I enjoyed the rawness of your story. It is so transparent and liberating. I celebrate your small gains and huge victories! On turn, I am encouraged to do the same sis!


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