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Juicy Lipstick Secrets From Bawse MUA Sade Hazard

This interview is conducted by Nia Shumake. 


     In the bustle of New York Fashion Week, we chopped it up with bawse Make up Artist Sade Hazard.  If you haven't heard of her we advise you to know her name now. She's beat the faces of our lip crushes Elaine Welteroth, Misty Copeland and Jessica Williams and has even created + executed lip looks for high street fashion lines like Mateo and Rick Owens (will be featured in April's edition of Highsnobiety). This babe had so much to talk about with us on her lipstick secrets, Check out our conversation below! 



At The Lip Bar, we’re all about challenging the beauty standard and in fact, started from our founder Melissa finding frustrations with lipstick options for women of color. How do you as a makeup artist challenge the beauty standard? What does that look like for you as a WOC?

Sade: It has more to do with the psychology component.  I try to encourage my clients to stop using words [phrases] like " This won't look good on me" or "This won't look good on my... because"  I stop it before it gets to what colors we are wearing or choosing. I want to know Who told you this and I see that it's a sort of thing that can be passed down from generations. My job as a make up artist is more than doing makeup, it's breaking down internal barriers.


Do you have a secret weapon when it comes to creating the perfect bold statement lip?

Sade: In terms of applying it, a secret an MUA once taught me is to just apply the color, get it on there and don't worry about how clean it is and THEN take the liner and sculpt the lip afterwards. I’ve been doing this for years. Unless, I'm contouring the lip. With Elaine, I contoured the lip with the colors but if it's something that's matching like a red and red, put that lipstick on and then afterwards lipliner. [Pictured #BTS of Sade's prep for the Bold Lip seminar she led for The Makeup Show in Dallas]



What lipstick trends can we expect to see in the spring?

Sade: I think it's going to be gloss. Glosses with sparkle. I've seen it everywhere because the no makeup makeup thing is happening and it's effortless, it's gorgeous. You can wear sneakers and a fresh face and a shimmering lip. But also those berry tones are beautiful against the lighter shades people tend to wear in the spring and summer. It's a great juxtaposition and it's different.



How have you used lipstick in a non traditional way? 

Sade: I just did a bridal shoot and used gold lipgloss as eyeshadow. And there's another one that I did in Chicago (for Ford Models) it's blue, pink, white and purple where pink lipstick is on the model’s eyes. I used the same pink lipstick and liner on her eye as eyeliner and above her eye. When it comes to makeup you can't ever think " Oh this only goes here" or "Oh this only goes there" 



 This interview has been edited and condensed.


Stay tuned for more juicy lipstick secrets from Sade! In the meantime, follow her on Instagram @sadeandpaint and comment below!







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