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Jessica Nabongo’s Travel Hacks!


If you’ve gotten familiar with Jessica Nabongo, who is famously known as thecatchmeifyoucan on instagram. To press publications like Forbes and Condé Nast Traveler, she’s known as the remarkable digital nomad who is well on her way to becoming the first black woman (and Ugandan) to travel to every country in the world. As we’ve gotten to know Jessica, we know her journey is so much more than curating exciting wanderlust content and using inspirational quotes, but it’s ultimately about inspiring her followers to create the lives they want to live, free of restrictions and the limitations that are set up in society. She wants you to live the dream too, and furthermore have given us bomb ass travel hacks to do so. I mean, who wouldn’t want travel hacks from a digital nomad?! 


Courtesy of @thecatchmeifyoucan


On When To Travel.....

“If you’re just interested in travel, and you just are interested in exploring new places let the flight deals guide you.” Nabongo says that oftentimes you’ll end up spending more money looking for accommodations to a specific place during a specific time. Be willing to be flexible if your main goal is satisfying your wanderlust. 


On Flight Deals...... 

“The places I get flight deals from are theflightdeal.com , airfarespots.com and secretflying.com


On Popular Tourist Destinations.....

“If I’m traveling to a popular tourist destination, I’ll go towards the end of raining season because everything is cheaper, flights are cheaper, hotels are cheaper and there’s gonna be less people so that means less people in your pictures” Using this particular method of travel hacking, Nabongo stayed in a five start hotel in Southeast Asia for 50 bucks per night. (Ummm insane!!)


On Racking Up Miles......

Nabongo recommends that whenever you’re traveling, set up an account with the airlines, even attempting to ensure you have an account with all airlines in order to accumulate as many miles that you can because.....you’ll end up getting cheaper trips or even free trips because of it. 



We're so so appreciative of Jessica taking the time to meet with us sharing her story and telling us all things travel! Be sure to read more on Jessica here and check out her giving us a shout out in Essence Magazine! 

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