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Our InsecureHBO Review: Everyone's Life Sucks

Insecure has gotten more entertaining as the season has gone on. And sis, we mean this in the most well thought out way possible. It’s not like any of the characters have “ gotten their life” since that infamous “High-Like” episode. Here’s a recap of our favorite moments. 


#1. Lawrence Gets An STI



The episode starts where "High Like" ended, in a hella awkward exchange between Lawrence and Issa at 7-11 the day after Beychella. Issa asks Lawrence what he’s been up to and he’s just been working and he’s just been in a hoetation of his own. Just recently, he caught chlamydia and wasn’t even sure of who he caught it from and hasn’t kept track of who he’s slept with. Respect to him for making calls and telling folks to get tested though. 


#2. Tiffany And Her Mommy Friends 



Molly, Kelli and Issa are headed to Tiffany and Derrick’s baby shower and find out that she’s got a new group of mommy friends who helped plan the party. It seems as though Tiffany’s milestone separates her from her friends without kids and it paints the whole “ My friends having babies and starting families” narrative so well. It was REAL AF. 


#3. Dro Is A F****Boy if You Ain’t Know



Y’all, Dro is STILL mad at Molly about boundaries. Now mind you, with Dro in an open relationship and stupid Molly acting like she’s supposed to be.... the only one? Dro’s got all these boundaries for her, but Molly can’t have her own??! Plus Candace’s vibes are always hella awkward.... 


#4. Marriage Surprises Molly



Tiffany spilled the tea when it came to Dro and Candace’s relationship. Dro’s got Candace pregnant, which is totally understandable because that’s what married folks do... have babies. So why is Molly so stunned? I truly wish she would’ve talked things out about him earlier with her therapist, but lo and behold this show is about bad decisions. 


#5. Nathan WTF? 




Earlier in the episode Nathan admitted how much he liked Issa and then later on he’s avoiding her calls and text messages. Issa gets a call saying Nathan turned in some paperwork to a courthouse and now all of twitter thinks he is #FelonBae. We just.... don’t know. 




So yeah, next Sunday needs to hurry up and we need our good sis to have a new negotiation with HBO. This is obviously what the people want. And a special shout out to Issa and Molly wearing our liquid mattes Savage and Prima Donna






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