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How To Take A Shelfie!!

 There’s a pressing issue that has everyone The Lip Bar ready to get in formation and the hype behind it is INSANE!! Lip Bar babes, everywhere are proving their love to the team by taking Shelfies. Before we give you a step by step on how to take one here’s what a shelfie actually is. 


Shelfie (pronounced Shell-fee):


  1. A picture taken of yourself in front of a product shelf. 
  2. A tool for showing others that you have more Lip Bar than them, thus showing your Lip Bar Babe dominance.


      Photo Courtesy of Rosco Spears  


A Step- by- Step Lip Bar Shelfie Tutorial:


What you’ll need: A phone/camera, good lighting and a dope mind. 


#1. All About Them AnglesIn the words of our good friend Champagne Papi we gotta hit them angles. So ask yourself, what’s your best angle? Are you a fan of your side profile? Do you prefer the left or right? What about the lippies? What’s the best angle for a fire pic of the target shelves? 


#2. Lighting: Good lighting is a major key to a good selfie! When in doubt, always tilt your camera upwards. 


#3. Give Us Face:  Whether or not you’re beat to the gawds with a poppin ass highlighter or rocking your bare face, remember to serve us!! 



Now you've got all you need to take a poppin shelfie. Go AWF sis and don't forget to check us out in a Target near you!! For more of our story follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @thelipbar. 






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