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How To Keep Your Lipstick From Bleeding

Lipstick is a mood booster. Bawse Lady’s that blue- red to get you feeling productive and Playmate’s the calming whimsical pink lippie makes you feel untouchable. Lipstick can change a babe’s life WHEN worn properly. That is, specifically when your fresh coat of lipstick isn’t bleeding on your lips. Here are some lipstick tips for keeping your lipstick in tact. 


#1. Lip brush



They'll help with precision and are best for making sure excess product doesn’t get on your lips. I mean, how much lipstick do you actually need? Cop you a lip brush sis, Target even has them for as low as $3. As a matter of fact grab our Target exclusives Baddie and Unimpressed while you're at it! 


#2. Change The Way You Use Liner 

Instead of using lip liner to sort of outline the lips, trace the lips in a much wider ombré style. It’ll help give you a much cleaner look, because face it bleeding ain’t pretty! Using lip liner correctly will change ya life. 


#3. Foundation  


Apply foundation to help prepped lips stay in place. Sonia Kashuk says this is one of the best tricks in the game to keep your lipstick from bleeding. This way your lips will be luscious, long lasting and won't be messy whilst putting it on. 


#4. Powder

Not just any old powder babe, translucent powder! Use it around your lips after applying lipstick to control oils! It's super important to know that even though staying hydrated and moisturizing your lips is good for you, too much moisture isn’t a good thing. Translucent powder is also a great for making glosses matte! (Check out this bawse article for more) 


 Thanks for reading babes, comment below and let us know what tips and tricks you use to keep your lipstick from bleeding! 







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