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Major Key Alert!! Keep That Gross White Residue Off Your Lips!

 Have you ever seen that white crud around your lips while wearing lipstick? Not only is it not cute but it's GROSS AF! It's actually a result of too much moisture on your lips. Luckily, we've got some major keys for you to keep it off your lips! 

     #1. Try not to lick your lips! It could be hard for some, but sometimes it comes from your own saliva. I mean basically, you're eating lipstick. Don't do it babes. If you're worried about chapped lips just exfoliate, stay hydrated and keep lip balm on deck! 




#2. While applying your lipstick, use a lip brush to ensure that the color goes on smooth. Be Precise Ladies! A lot of times, the build up comes from too much lipstick and foundation.


#3. "Thick Thighs saves lives" and so does blotting! Blotting is crucial. Buy some blotting paper from Target, and if you're on a budget use kleenex! This will help get rid of the oil on your lips that you don't need. Remember, too much moisture isn't always good. 





So now you firgured out how to keep the white shhh, off your lips! Stay fye. 




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