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Here Are The Donts And Major No Nos To Applying Liquid Mattes!

As millennials, we're practically obsessed with instant gratification, and short cuts so there must’ve been no greater time than ever before for liquid mattes to dominate the beauty industry. They’re typically easy to apply, give an awesome velvet finish, clean and super long lasting. I mean who in the hell has time to actually be reapplying lipstick all day? Of course like all beauty products, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear and/or apply liquid mattes so we’ve decided to talk to you about the major donts and dos, when applying liquid mattes. 


#1. Don't Skip Lip Prep



Issa No sis. Don’t NOT prep your lips. Oftentimes when your lips aren’t properly prepped with either sugar and lemon or your favorite lip scrub, your liquid matte’s velvet finish will make your lips look even more cracked, and friends don’t let friends have crack lips so we had to tell you sis. It’s a major no no! Prep your lips girl. 


#2. Don't Skip Lip Liners



Some people like to say that wearing lip liner is sooo 90s and we totally do NOT agree. Lip liner not only prolongs the wear of your liquid matte but it also makes sure you won’t experience feathering/bleeding. By the way, directly applying your liquid matte to your lips without a lip liner is a DON’T! Apply the liner first and then, your lippie. 


#3. Don't Add An Extra Layer When Reapplying


Like we said, friends don’t let friends have cracked lips and constantly reapplying your liquid matte to your lips throughout your wear will most definitely make you have cracked lips. Remember the look you’re going for is a smooth matte. Instead, go over your lips with lip balm and a wipe, taking your pigment completely off and reapply. 


Hopefully these donts and major lippie no nos tell you all you need to keep in mind when applying your liquid matte.  

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