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Happy New Year!!! A Message From Melissa

New Year, Who Dis?!

  While some are shunning the idea of having New Year goals, I’m excited to embrace the new beginning. And I’m not saying you have to wait till the clock strikes midnight to work on being the best you, but there is something to the spirit of newness. I don’t understand why people are hell bent on making people feel bad for opting in with the rest of the world and setting goals to  improve. If their goals stick, cool. If they don’t, what’s it to you?!  That being said, I welcome the crowded gyms and seeing the shining new faces at the farmer’s market. Let’s all work to get to our better selves.


My goals for 2018 are pretty simple: become a hippie and grow my business. As it relates to my hippie goals, for me that means honoring my body – eating clean, reducing my sugar consumption (y’all I am so addicted to sugar. I think I read somewhere that it’s as addictive as cocaine). Basically, I just want to eat clean, like really eat clean. I’m reminding myself daily, Cut the Shit, Melissa!  

( btw, I planned on limiting my carb consumption, but on day 7, I ate three big ass piece of pizza and it was AMAZING.)


Honoring my body also means committing to being more active. And I do pretty good, but like anyone else, from time to time, I fall off the wagon.

I need to work out 4 times a week. And aside from wanting to look good ( according to my own beauty standard) I feel good when I work out and I feel bad when I don’t. It’s that simple. And I’m way more focused when I work out. Otherwise, I find myself waiting till 6pm to shower and snacking all day.

 Lastly, one of my goals was to be more transparent with you all. And this blog is the start of it. I wanted to embody the essence of the brand. What music we’re into, what shows we’re watching, how we’re using our lippies,  and how we feel about life as we know it. So tune in often to catch updates, alerts, discounts and to learn cool stuff.


Also, here are a few things I’ve already done to kick off the year to lead me to my greatness.


  • I did a slight purge of my closet. Got rid of 3 bags of clothes.
  • Juiced for the first three days and bought a new juicer, so I can consume those nutrients .
  • Cleaned out a construction closet (y’all, I had so much shit in there- lawd, I’m just happy its over.
  • Startedr reading my daily affirmations again. They remind me that I can do everything!
  • Downloaded Brene Browns Rising Strong. Can’t wait to read it. Maybe you guys should read it with me!!!

 Let me know what you all did to kick your 2018 off right!



Melissa R. Butler

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