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Grownish Recap: S 1 Epi 4

Remember when we were all on the edge of our couches/seats etc when Zoey met Cal U’s star athlete Cash Mooney? We didn’t know what to expect and a few us assumed Zoey would attempt to balance all three guys. That is, Aaron, Luka and Cash. What actually ended up happening was Zoey being requested by Cash specifically to tutor him in one of his classes, —the result of it being that Dean Parker would write Zoe a recommendation letter for a Teen Vogue fellowship. Here’s what all went down: 

 Lip Bar Babes Favorite moments 

#1. Seeing our lip crush Elaine Welteroth get writing credits on the show. 

#2. When Cash thought #Schoolbae Aaron wanted a selfie, BTW Zoey's hair is  slayed. Shout out to Tinisha Boyd-Meeks (Click link for a tutorial on how to get Zoey's trademark fishtail braids)



#3. The writers address the complexities of being bisexual in the LGBTQ community, the double standard that exists between men and women, then followed by the harsh reality of athletes making zero profits while bringing top dollars to universities.



#4. #SchoolBae turned into #SaltyAaron, and a fed up Zoe gave him a slick read by telling him " So tell me what job positions are available to a young revolutionary?" 



#5. After finally setting a school record and gaining clout, Cash shouts out his "curly haired cup bitch", and Zoey cheers in excitement only to find Cash no longer cares about his grades and wants Zoey to be more than just a friend. Lordt. 




Here's the Bottomline: 

I'm not very happy with the way this episode ended and NEED next week to hurry up! I thought Zoey was off guys for a minute, and I just want to support her in her attempts to redeem all of this. What do you think #LipBarbabes? Will Zoey give in to Cash? Will Cash's clout last forever? Please comment below and tweetwatch with us next Wednesday at 7/8c on @thelipbar. 





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