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Find Out Your Body Type! #TheLipBarEdition





This isn’t the start of a grocery list, these are societally categorized body types.



What is an Apple 🍏 Body type?

  • Generally well-proportioned
  • Carry the most weight through your bust and mid-section
  • Not necessarily as curvy through the hips
  • Don’t have a well-defined waistline


What is a Pear 🍐 Body type?

  • Waist is larger than your bust
  • Proportionately slim arms and shoulders
  • Wider hips!
  • Shout out to all the pears *Rick Ross voice

What is a Carrot 🥕 Body type?

  • Larger upper body including broad shoulders
  • Slim hips
  • Subtle waist
  • Shapely legs 

  There are other body type names for sure, as well as  babes who have traits that could belong to either or. (they are in-betweeners). Apple, Pear, and Carrot are however, three different shapes without shared characteristics.



Why know your body type? Because your body type tells you how your body reacts to and stores fat and muscle differently. Knowing your body type is essentially helpful when choosing training programs and eating habits to reach your #bodygoals. What’s the real secret to reaching #bodygoals? Knowing the three scientific, basic body types: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. Knowing which scientific body type you are will help you better tailor your eating and workout plans.


Are you an ectomorph?

Are you an endomorph?

Or are you a mesomorph?


Take this quiz on bodybuilding.com to find out your body type, and ideal workout!


I’ll share my results--Me? I’m an in-betweener, having both endomorph and mesomorph characteristics. Along my weightloss journey (-80lbs) I have definitely struggled with losing weight in my lower half but I have a smaller waist like a mesomorph. I’m an in-betweener and working to implement a complementing weight training and eating schedule to reach my #bodygoals! Share your results and goals with me in the comments.



Here’s your charge:

  • Identify your body type.
  • Google all you can about that body type.
  • Learn more.
  • Write down some of the fitness and nutrition advice.
  • Say “I am my own body goals.”


Peace and Blessings,

✨✨ Paige Blessman//P. Rocka

Paige Blessman is a posi-tivi-tist and wellness whiz. For more of her journey follow her on social media.

IG: @p.rocka

Website: www.paigeblessman.com

Twitter: @xothepaige

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