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Learning to Love my Flaws - A Message from Melissa

Our new campaign Every Body Beautiful speaks to the idea that no matter who you are, you are enough and that you deserve representation.  Right now, everyone is chasing perfection. Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect makeup. But what the hell is perfect? It's whatever you decide it is!!  From the start, I've tried to encourage women to embrace their flaws while also still loathing parts of me. When we did this campaign, it didn't start off as body positivity, It was really just a shoot to showcase some of my favorite colors ( haute mess, boy trouble, ms. independent and whiskey sour in case you're wondering) but when we got the photos back, I realized that you could see my stretch marks on all of the photos.   At first, I was like, what was I thinking? Second thought, we can crop and or retouch. Third thought, fuck that! I have stretch marks and that's ok.  I've had stretch marks for as long as I can remember, why cover them up now?! And then I started talking to women about things like stretch marks and cellulite and was floored that so many women are ashamed by things that are natural to us and decided this is an opportunity for us to come together as women and stand in our truth. 

Because news flash, most women don't have "perfect breasts."  Like our bodies, our breast come in different shapes and sizes, and if we're being honest, even your own boobs aren't the exact same size or shape  (you got a favorite, don't front)  AND THAT'S OK. It's about time we stopped listening to other peoples version of beauty and accept and work with whatever we have. Because at the end of the day, It is enough and you are enough. 

So this is some of my truth that I'm standing in. I wanted the world to see me and to understand that everyone, even those we look up to or find inspiration in, has insecurities and or "flaws", but the more we work to normalize the idea that Imperfection is perfection, the better off we will be.  My hope is that through this campaign with light makeup and no photoshop, that we inspire someone somewhere to look in the mirror is see beauty where they once saw otherwise.

 Love Melissa

We would love for you to share with us things you learned to love! Share this image and tag us on social media and tell us about your journey for a chance to win my favorite lip colors. 


  • Melissa ! #BossMove thank you for embracing the process while being promoted. I’m constantly inspired by women especially women of color who chose to embrace where and what IS while allowing God to propel them. Gorgeous. You have so much more that we can’t even yet imagine to come. Thank you for sharing. 💄💋❤️

    Rhonda Crenshaw
  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am still working on accepting my flaws.

  • I bought some shorts a couple of weeks after my 49th birthday finally able to walk boldly with my cellulite! This was on 8/12/2018! I feel good!

    Greta Wilson's
  • Yep. Still waiting to see your flaws on this girlfriend! Gorgeous

    Anistia Thomas
  • I’ve learned to love my crooked tooth! I even wear the lip bar color " Bawse Lady" to make it POP <3


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