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How To Fix Your Broken Lipstick!


 Courtesy of Pinterest 

 It’s getting warmer outside and that means that A. We’re abandoning our favorite lipsticks and liquid mattes for Gloss (Ayeeeee) OR B. In a much more extreme case we’re scared that our favorite lipstick might just actually break in half. It’s a lipstick pet peeve of ours which is why we work super hard at making sure out formula is smooth, non transferrable yet also not easily breakable. But Hey, hard times do happen. So in case you have a few broken lipsticks, this post goes out to you babe. Here’s how to fix your broken lipstick.


Courtesy of Stocksy  


Step #1. Try to expose your lipstick tube as much as possible to see where it’s exactly broken at. 


Step #2. Remove that broken piece. If it’s not completely off, use a glove and carefully separate the broken part of the lipstick tube from the rest. 


Step #3. Light it up! Use a match/lighter to melt the broken ends of the lipstick.


Step #4. Connect the broken pieces and seal the edges with a toothpick or to make sure the tube is smooth and useable. 


Step #5. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. 






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