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3 #LipBarbabes Who Broke The Net!

  Hey #LipBarbabes, I know y’all were killing it this week in our lippies and wanted to highlight some fire! So shout out to y’all! 

   Here’s blogger Pink Valenciaga, in Boy Trouble! This lippie goes on so amazing with her undertones and the golden highlights bringing out the fiery red in the neon orange color.

🦄 I was the biology fanatic, who would go straight home and study, but I was also a diva who loved all things beauty. In high school, my mom would get me excused from my Anatomy & Physiology class, so I could make it to my hair appointment. LOL THANKS MOM. IT ALL PAID OFF. (BTW | I didn't have to take the final exam for that class because my overall grade was an A+ 🤣) There's a place for women like me, women like you. Don't deny yourself of your truth. Live in it and you shall find your lane. #biologydiva #pharmagirl #hairextraordinaire 💖 • • • • MAKEUP & HAIR HAIR | @hergivenhair FACE: @everyhuebeauty GLOW PERFECT TINTED MOISTURIZER (HUE #5) 💄LIPPIE | @thelipbar BOY TROUBLE #lipbarbabe #sisterssupportingsisters HIGHLIGHT + INNER EYE | @fentybeauty #KILLAWATT #trophywife

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Model, speaker, blogger and Muslim Activist Leah Vernon also brought out Boy Trouble and stunned us all! Shake the table sis. 

I keep hearing about the “Punish A Muslim Day” and I’m sick to my stomach. On this list are heinous acts such as throwing acid in a Muslim’s face and ripping off her hijab. Electrocution and hitting Muslims with cars!?!? These individuals who don’t fit the norm, not just Muslims, but members of the LGBT and other brown and black bodies are being targeted with hatred, ignorance, and assault. Just a few days ago, a Muslim woman was attacked in a hospital. This happened in my city! He punched her several times, unprovoked, in the face. Hate crimes are on the rise. But are not being televised. And these crimes, that is actually terrorism, aren’t going to stop unless WE become allies. If you know someone who is planning on partaking in crimes against black, Brown, Muslim, or queer bodies. SAY SOMETHING! Do something. Use your privilege to protect those who are underrepresented and victimized. And, for all my hijabis out there, those who are visibly Muslim, those who belong to groups who are underserved and exploited, stand strong. Do not allow these cowards to make you hide. Just today, someone put on my photo ‘death to Muslims and feminists’ 🤦🏿‍♂️ I will not allow these people make me take off my hijab or be silent. I will not assimilate to make you comfortable. I will not hide in fear. I only fear one entity. And that’s God. And, if someone wants to get froggy and jump and rip off my hijab, man, the real Detroit is gonna come out. Have you ever experienced or witnessed Islamophobia? If you aren’t Muslim, what are some things you can do to be an ally? Let’s talk. Photo: @victoriakaempfe #detroitblogger #psootd #plussize #instafashion #bodypositive #bgki #effyourbeautystandards #pizzasisters4lyfe #blackgirlswhoblog #londonblogger #psfashion #blackgirlmagic #muslimgirl #streetstyle #plusmodel #feminist #ootd #plussizemodel #equality #blackmuslimahexcellence #seventeen #bodyconfidence #fashionbombdaily #teenvogue #hijabi #newyorkblogger #blacklivesmatter #activist #sexyforall #honormycurves

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Just look at Queen Mother Angela Bassett! I’m Shooketh!! Ok? Curlfriend needs to be her go to lip situation. Periodt. Sending a lifetime supply ASAP. 


Thanks for reading yall! We’d love to see more of you #Lipbarbabes posting on social media. 



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