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Thriving vs. Surviving

Of these three what have you done in the last six months?
A. Taken an insta worthy vacay/stacay? 
B. Had at least 2 crises/ meltdowns/Jesus fix-it/Iyanla Fix My Life Moments?
C. Both 
If you selected B, we need to talk. You my millennial friend, are only surviving.
Is this a bad thing? Nooooo, we all do it but it’s definitely not good. ( I understand you, Ok?) 
    To survive is doing what you can to maintain, it's not the worst thing, but if you want to be your best you? Thriving is KEY. It's taking advantage of every opportunity that pushes you forward in accomplishing your dreams. It's embracing the desires you have and going after what you want, while remaining healthy in all/most aspects of life. 
Here's how it works/doesn't work: 
#1. Context is KEY like if you’ve made the commitment to be a vegan for health purposes, do you REALLY need to fulfill that desire of eating greasy pepperoni pizza? The answer is NO. (Speaking to myself) Even if you feel like you're surviving by missing out, you're actually thriving by caring for your health in a way that best suits you!

#2. Survival mode can be appropriate, like trauma, when what it means to grow can become clouded with the need to self-protect. It's OK! You can cry, you can be fearful but ULTIMATELY you HAVE to protect your vision too! The first step to this is getting the help you need!



#3. You need $50,000 to effectively launch your new venture? OR a deposit for that apartment out of state so you can work your dream talent agency job? In those cases, you may have to work the job you’re not passionate about to muster what you have to make things happen AND You got bills to pay!  (You're reminded of it by the same folks who encouraged you to be that unicorn, singer, doctor, wanderlust traveler you always wanted to be.) Very practical. Just be sure to avoid  staying in a place you hate JUST because it's stable. 


#4. It's absolutely okay to treat yourself from to time to time. Whether it's a vacation to Bora Bora or a stay cation, w/ sleep and trying out a new restaurant. As long as you are doing what works for you and not going into debt treating yourself then you are thriving.  


#5 Bottomline:

    As your millennial friend, I know that you've probably met some folks that are crazy obsessed with the past. Adulthood can seem like a real dream killer if you have a mindset that your best days were in high school/college and you're just trying to survive out here. If you have the mindset of thriving, you'll know that every day is an opportunity to be your best you! Realize that your perspective on life will dictate where you go and what you make of it. Life is short, so live your best one! Your future oldhead/MILF self will thank you. 

 Nia 🌹 


  • Very Clever and thought provoking. Our choices are the deciding votes for outcome of our lives.

  • Loving the new blog, this article was spot on! Especially #3, sometimes you have to do both until you can do just one! Sacrifices of the modern day millennial :-)

    Dyandra Raye

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