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OMG! The Lip Bar's NYC Target Launch Party Was Lit!!


 February has been a uber crazy month for us! Like, remember when we told ya'll we was on a new level?? We've been featured on Popsugar, Buzzfeed, Forbes, XoNecole, WWD in excitement for our Target Store Launch (click for store locator)  that happened Sunday, February 18th!! BUT the madness keeps coming! We've actually sold out some target stores- It's insane! Thank you so much for your support for these past six years (We just a birthday!!) and to keep ya'll in the loop here's a recap to our NYC Launch Party!  




Thanks babes again, we literally could not have done it without you! 




The Lip Bar




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  • I love the lipsticks do you know if your selling at Targets in Dallas?

    Cynthia Slack

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