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Ashley Blaine's Beauty Hacks!

We know ya'll are going freaking insane over our Dear Beauty Industry campaign with the ever so stunning Ashley Blaine Featherson of the Emmy Nominated  Netflix Series Dear White People. In our in-depth  interview, Blaine talked with us on diversity & inclusion within both the beauty industry and Hollywood, even mentioning her own personal bad experiences in the beauty trailer. Since then the bawse babe has been taking her glam squad super serious and is even beating faces herself. She's now talking all things beauty and has given us some beauty hacks of her own! 

For Skin

Courtesy of IG

The actress washes her face every night with either black soap or papaya soap. An advocate for freckles and beauty marks, Blaine also takes eyeliner and puts a little dot on her beauty mark that sometimes gets covered up by makeup. 


For Lippies

 Courtesy of IG

"I really like liquid matte lipsticks, I think that they last longer than just lipsticks that are already matte. When I’m looking for a matte I like, The Lip Bar actually has great ones. I like going liquid to matte over just a regular matte lipstick." (She used our products for 90% of the filming of DWP, and will continue to put us on ha! ) 


For Eyes, Brows & Lashes

Courtesy of IG

For a natural lash with a little bit of drama, Blaine prefers to double up wispies, taking two and putting them on top of each other rather than just buying them doubled up. When it comes to the care of her own natural lashes in addition to her eyes and eyebrows, she uses Jamaican black castor oil at night. 


Thanks Ashley for the beauty hacks! We're ordering wispies, Jamaican castor oil and papaya soap now as we speak! xx. Stay tuned and keep it up with the now Emmy nominated ABF on her instagram:ashleyblaine! We see you gurl! 





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