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I've been there. Aunts asking where your man is. The news telling you that you're high risk for babies after 33, i swear the number gets younger and younger every year. Your mom begging for grand children. But the world's is forgetting that you haven't found your person. And while it doesn't really bother me, because, hey, i'm awesome.  It seems to make other ppl uneasy. 


So I wanted to take the time to remind my fellow single ladies that It's OK to be single. It's ok to not settle. It's OK to not be in love on Valentine's Day.  


So i'm  reminding the single beauties to grab your best gals, devour a years supply of chocolate, pour a glass of wine big enough to swim in, love yourself and not to live by anyone else's timeline.

Love Y'all

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  • Hi Melissa,
    I saw ur post on one of my Business Partners’ page and wanted to purchase some of ur lippies! Do u have a website where Lippies can be purchased? I currently live in St. Louis, Missouri!

    Cheryl Collins

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