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5 Ways to Heal, Love and Think Well for your Heart sake!

A new year not only deserves a new lip color but a new way to heal, love and think well! So I kept a lip color on deck last year, which was Bawse Lady of course by The Lip Bar, the hottest red on earth; here are the images to prove it. 




 This year my lip color is purple (I am looking for a yellow dress for the summer to wear with my purple lip so keep me posted in the DMs if you come across a lil sumn) ; ) Oh how I love being a woman and the girly ways we indulge; like makeup. However, there is a makeup that goes deeper than what we see in the mirror; the inner woman...spirit.


As women we have been through so much, have felt so much and have experienced some of the worst and best heartbreaks. I personally have been through a few, and I promised myself that I would never break again without having the bomb ass bounce back healing kit on deck. So being the research nerd that I am in Psychology, wellness and being a kick ass spirit ninja, I discovered that healing kit; so no heartbreak, disappointment, trauma, money Situations will ever have me raggedy in the way I feel, love and think about myself and what I can emotionally experience in this life. 


 Here's what I have found to be true to heal, think and love well:

#1. Hold Space for your humanity. Feel that shit, I don’t care how strong you are. I don’t care how many super soul sundays you’ve watched on the OWN channel or how much you meditate or do yoga. Don’t you dare neglect your heart from feeling pain, pleasure or joy when it happens. Hold space for it.

#2. Trust Females. Yea that whole “I don't trust females’ syndrome is so 1990’s. Sisterhood is in, and always has been. Our awareness has just evolved to where we realize we need each other foreal foreal. Trust that women will be women to you and witness the nourishment that flows your way from your sisters.



#3. Dinner tours. Dine well, enjoy some good food and book dates in your calendar where you go to new restaurant's once or maybe twice a month. (enjoying food and discovering new foods you like brings sooo much joy, said the foodie. 


#4. Style Your Mind. Identify and list any disempowering thoughts, flip it around and create images and mantras to generate the truth of the empowering thought. 


A. Woohoo I’m team no sleep for my success

B. (flip it around) I get a healthy amount of rest, and I easily trust Divine intelligence to work on my behalf after I’ve done my part.

C. Schedule your rest and your work period and affirm part B over and over again till you believe it.


#5.  Practice radical gratitude. Thank God for your skin, food, your bones, your pillows, your car, your eyesight, Target, the loose change in your car, running water, just go crazy with taking inventory of what you are grateful for… Thank God for The Lip Bar ; )

        Welp, the “D” didn’t make the list! Lol, the funny thing is somehow the “D” has been considered as a healing tool recklessly. I get why, I really do get why. However, I think as women evolve, we are becoming more intentional about our best life and not choosing purposeless moments, especially regarding intimacy. Our hearts and our goals depend on us healing, loving and thinking well; this is self care. Nothing is more gratifying to experience yourself taking what was dark and transmuting it into light; making you more divinely gorgeous inside out with your fav color lip on!


Be Well,

Toni Jones Wellness Stylist | Self Care Enthusiast


IG: wifecomma

FB: wifecomma

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