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7 Ways to Keep Your Lips from Chapping!

 Having Chapped Lips is annoying AF. You can't be boss in your mattes, you're on the struggle in the Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer... It's just not a good look and depending on your situation it may hurt like hell. Here are a few tips to keep you struggle free. 


#1. Almond Oil: It restores the dead skin cells and you can mix it with honey to create a lip balm for when your trusty club soda runs out.


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#2. Lip Balm: Apply lip balm to your lips before you wash your face, sometimes cleansers can be drying. Our favorite? Club Soda


#3. Pay Attention To Lipstick Ingredients:  Stick to lipsticks with conditioners like Vitamen E and Shea Butter. Luckily, we got your back with that boo. If you're into super pigmented lippies look into our moisturizing lipsticks Purple Rain, Cosmo and Night Owl


#4. Aloe Vera: Listen Linda, Aloe Vera is a miracle worker. We'd actually vote it for President. (At least for now). 


#5. Hold off on citrus, salt and spicy foods: It's hard but those sorts of foods are super drying. If you can't cut it all off, limit it. We all do need Vitamin D from OJ.



#6. Don't Pick Your Lips: Stop picking at your lips! It's just not right even though it feels so good. Resist the urge.


#7. Drink Water: Chances are you may just have chapped lips because you don't drink the proper amounts of water each day. We can't say this enough! Not only do you need this to survive, but your lips are a reflection of what you put in your body. Feed your body good things babe.




Chapped Lips are a lip crisis and we got your back. Comment Below and let us know what you do to keep your lips moisturized. 





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