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Why You're Getting Lip Pimples And What To Do...

Let’s be honest. Acne is extremely annoying and oftentimes hard to get rid of. And despite knowing how common it is, we’re all still embarrassed by getting pimples. Getting a pimple, will always be an unpleasant surprise and what’s worse? Getting those annoying pimples on your lips! Not only is it gross AF, but it’s also uncomfortable looking at and having. Luckily, we at The Lip Bar were able to find out exactly why this sort of thing’s been happening to you babes and are ready to spill the tea on why it’s happening and what to do. 


#1. Product Build Up 


Remember that time we told y’all about avoiding that white residue from your lips? The gross white around your lip effect is a result of excess. And since this excess soon becomes extra bacteria, just like magic pimples appear. To prevent this from happening, when applying your gloss and/or lipstick, make sure you not only line your lip and blot but that you swipe two fingers from your tongue to the center of your lip to avoid excess and keep lipstick from getting on your teeth. 


#2. Expired Lip Products 

Sis, when was the last time you restocked your favorite lippie?!! If you’ve had Bawse Lady for longer than 18 months that’s most definitely the reason behind why you’re getting lip pimples. #LetHerGo and buy a new one! Your lips will for sure thank you! 


#3. Lippie/Toothpaste Ingredients



Aside from using old lippie products, you can still get acne around your mouth/ on your lip line from of course using harmful ingredients like ..... on your lips. Luckily since we’ve been especially careful at crafting our lippies with love, you won’t be running into those issues. 


Here are resources to get rid of lip pimples: 

  • Using turmeric paste
  • Using Honey/Tomato/Castor Oil/Tea Tree Oil 

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