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3 Ways To Make History Without Burning Out + Lippies To Boost Your Mood!


   Who else is feeling themselves a little more extra just on the strength of being woman! Like our rise and shine is massive and always. Cues I’m feeling myself I’m feeling myself Im feeling my feeling my..




No but really sometimes I sit in deep gratitude that I was born a woman. Like what can we not do? We can do anything and everything….which makes me think should we do anything and everything? And how are we doing, how are we feeling foreal foreal?


Women are making history for sure but at what expense.


According to an oft-cited Forbes article, more and more millennial women feel burned out by 30. The burnout is sadly an epidemic that we face as women. We are in unprecedented times in terms of the always-on momentum. It takes a tremendous amount of discipline not to check email at night or first thing in the morning. Work comes in at all hours, and it can be hard to create boundaries that keep it contained and allow for proper rest and renewal. Millennial women, low key all women are tapping into their Type-A personalities to combat this fatigue.


I believe that a new era of women’s leadership is arising where women lead their work ethic from a place of wellness and spirituality. What does that look like? I am glad you ask sis, so let me tell you...




Whenever you wake up, before you check your phone, check your social media and before your mind starts racing about needing more rest or what is on the agenda for the day-- Just take in 20 seconds with getting present with yourself and start to envision the emotion you want to empower for the day. Then consciously make the decision that you will empower this emotion in all you do for the day.



Use Sunday to reflect on your previous week and the upcoming week on what was accomplished, how much water you will drink, how you will implement your wellness ritual more consistently this week. Use your sunday to be intentional about the actions and work your week requires of you. (I also suggest a great planner that focuses on being intentional with daily, monthly and yearly living)



Make a date with meditation everyday. I choose mine to be every morning because I know I can commit to that. But I am beginning to start meditation at night as well. There are tons of apps that can be resourceful for holding you accountable to carving out time to be still.



Check out these links for more info about how powerful they are. For example the color orange means balance-warmth, the color purple can mean calming-luxury, the color red means creativity-take action-vibrant, the color pink can mean thoughtful-intuitive. 



So you could say the color lip you wear is apart of your wellness too I mean I’m just saying...So it wouldn’t hurt to choose a lip color each day, week, month and season and based that color on the mood, emotion you want to take into to your work day. Illuminate your wellness with a lip color okaaaayyyy, no burning out ladies! 




Happy Women’s History Month Ladies!


Your Wellness Stylist,

Toni Jones

Wellness Stylist | Self Care Enthusiast  


Instagram: wifecomma

Facebook: wifecomma




Here are some lippies to get you in the mood: 

Want Balance? Get Boy Trouble 

Need a Chill Pill? Rock Crown Me

Want to feel Productive? Take action with Bawse Lady


    I'm telling you babes! Lipstick can change your whole mood. So comment below and tell us your thoughts. How do you care for yourself so that you don't burn out? 










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